Meet Julie


Julie Bléas

Age:           24

Pronouns:   She/Her

Location:    London

Arty Interests:​

I'm passionate about revisionist feminist art history and Old Masters paintings. I'm interested in how we can present historical collections in a way that is relevant to current social and political issues.  


BA History of Art and Archeology, Sorbonne-Université and Trinity College Dublin

MA Curating the Art Museum, Courtauld Institute of Art


Royal Museums Greenwich, London 

Top tip:

Let go of the idea that you need to have 'dream job'. Instead find what you are passionate about, develop useful skills and you'll realise that there are endless jobs you could enjoy. 

Favourite artworks:

Gianlorenzo Bernini
Apollo and Daphne,1622-1626 
Bernini captured Daphne's fly like no one did. I find it an incredibly moving piece as we witness her transformation but are unable to help her. 
William John Leech
A Convent Garden Brittany,
c. 1913
I've always been drawn to the peacefulness of this painting. Leech's mastering of the vegetation makes it a striking yet tranquil piece.
Charlotte Salomon
Life? or Theatre?, 1940-42
Salomon's ability to blur the lines between fantasy and reality is outstanding. It is an incredibly sad piece, embedded in pain, abuse and grief.