Meet the Professionals

As a group of job-hunting graduates, we quickly identified a lack of honest advice and insight available for creative careers.

We began looking for friendly professionals and creatives willing to help us learn about what kind of jobs are available and how we might get there. 

What training do you need to work in a museum? 

What skills does art school give you?

Explore the answers we’ve found as short audio interviews below.

Hear us chat to industry professionals about what they do in their jobs and how they got there. 
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Research Assistant
public museum
Debbie Meniru, Hang it interviewee. Research assistant public museum
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Exhibitions and Research Manager
commercial gallery
Chloe Austin. Hang it interviewee. Exhibitions and research manager commercial gallery
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Let's talk about...
We chat about what we're learning along the way
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Let's talk about
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Gallery and Client Services Assistant
auction house
Flora Wirgman. Hang it interviewee. Gallery and client services assistant auction house
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Head of Public Engagement & Freelance Consultant
museum / freelance
Talking to young creatives, from what a working week looks like to how they trained.
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Illustrator and Activist
Daisy Wakefield. Hang it interviewee. Illustrator and printmaker
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Interdisciplinary Disabled Artist
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Practicing Artist
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