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Our Story

We all met in 2019 whilst undergoing a Masters in Museum Curating. We are enthusiastic about all things art and culture and are on a mission to demystify the art world.​
Emerging as job-seeking graduates in the midst of a global pandemic, we realised two things. First, that we struggled to find useful information and resources for people like us; and second, that we wanted to reflect on the art around us.​
Hang it emerged as an answer to both.

What's on Hang it?

Meet the professionals offers short podcast episodes capturing friendly conversations with fellow graduates, industry professionals and practising artists. 

We are building a collection of profiles exploring what certain careers involve and the many ways to get there. What kind of training do you need? What are the top tips and go-to resources? 

Do you know a professional or a creative who might be interested in sharing their experience? Get in touch!

Beyond the frame is a space for us to delve deep into our own interests in art, culture and creativity.

We are writing creative reviews, offering art tours, and creating longer pieces of writing. Our features will take various forms, including audio and video.


We don’t claim to have all the answers.

Our aim is to create a community, document our journey and share what we learn as young people stepping into the art world. 

We will publish new writing and interviews monthly, so follow our Instagram for updates and extra insights!


Stuff we've Done

Unquiet Moments: Capturing the Everyday is an online exhibition realised by The Courtauld Institute of Art’s 2020 MA Curating the Art Museum programme.


It is the first fully digital exhibition opened by The Courtauld’s Curating students and has emerged in the exceptional circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic. The exhibition was born out of the history of Somerset House, as once the home to all records of Births, Marriages and Deaths in the UK. We were immediately struck by what such a registry might exclude, which stories might lie untold. We conceived  our exhibition as an archive in which overlooked moments of everyday life might be gathered and preserved.


Digital Curating Workshop

Plymouth College of Art

In December 2020 we were invited to deliver a lecture and workshop to Undergraduate and Postgraduate students at Plymouth College of Art (PCA), sharing our expertise and experience in curating the Courtauld's first ever online exhibition.


Focusing on the challenges of delivering a digital exhibition and events programme, we offered insight into innovative display techniques, collaborative remote working and embracing the possibilities of online artwork interpretation. We also took the opportunity to provide advice and insight into our own career paths.

Plymouth College of Art logo
Screenshot of virtual workshop delivered to students at Plymouth College of Art, December 2020.

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