Our Art Library

 Being aware of the various drama's or blockbuster exhibitions might boost your job application, aid your dissertation research or win you that pub quiz round! ​

We have compiled a few website and resources to get you up to date with all the latest art news.​

Have a browse below!

The Library

Aesthetica Magazine

A magazine devoted to art and culture, focusing particularly on the makers and creators of today. Read online for free. 


The Art Newspaper​​

A solid source for all newsworthy events in the art world, covering the art market, museums and heritage. You can read 3 articles a month for free, and if you sign up for free, you get access to more!


Common Threads Press

Common Threads Press produce zines that explore art and activism, with a focus on queer and feminist art. Buy a zine for £4 or read Julie's review here.



The Great Women Artists

A free podcast celebrating female artists. Presented by Katy Hessel (an art historian), this podcast talks to current practising artists and art historians about women artists of the past, present and future. Episodes are about 50 minutes long and are free to listen to!  


The Guardian

Although not a newspaper that is devoted solely to art, it has a great art section that is totally free to access.


Jo's Art History

A podcast that delves into all things art history. Jo covers artists, artworks and architectures from a while range of periods in a super accessible way. Episodes are about 50 minutes long and available on all major podcast streaming platforms.


Meet Me at the Museum

A podcast where celebrities visit museums across the UK recording their experience. This is a a light hearted podcast that showcases the bredth of museums on offer as well as highlighting that anyone can enjoy a visit to a museum!


Museums Association Museum Journal

Focusing on museums, the Museum Journal provides articles on the wider issues museums face as well as current news.


Talk Art

A really great art podcast by the actor Russel Tovey and gallerist Robert Diament. They talk to industry professionals and creatives in a fun and understandable way. It’s also a great way to hear about upcoming exhibitions and artists you might not have heard of before. Free to all!